Bamboo basketry

Country: Thailand
Bamboo Basket
Bamboo Basket

Bamboo basketry is a local craft found across Thailand. Each locality has its own weaving techniques and designs. Most common basketry includes baskets, kra bung, kra chat, utensils and animal traps. Many types of bamboo are popular for basketry, including phai si suk (Bambusa blumeana), phai ruak (Thyrsostachys siamensis) and phai hia (Cephalostachyum virgatum).

The cut bamboo is immersed in water to preserve the wood and reduce insect damage inside the wood later. Bamboo used for weaving is straight and long. The culm is split into strips, called “tok” in Thai. The size of tok depends on the object to make. The tok is dyed and then dried before weaving. Once completed, it is coated with tree resin or lacquer for beauty and durability.