Felt art

Country: Mongolia

Mongolians paint on various different objects such as paper, wood, and stone. However, Mongolians also have a traditional technique of painting using wool. In the 1990s it developed dramatically and people started painting with wool. Animal wool such as camel, sheep, and yak has to be clean and prepared for the painting process. The artists choose natural colours. In addition, white wool can be dyed in different colors. It can be dyed at home or in a workshop. When painting a felt artwork, artist should have enough different coloured wool prepared ahead of time.

After designing the artwork, the wool is carded using a special machine (Ashford, Louet). Then wool is dyed with the base colour. After that the wool is felted using lukewarm water and small amount of soap. The felt artwork is then rinsed, washed and excess water is shaken off. Finally when the felt art works is ready, packaging and labels are prepared.

There are very few people who make felt art work. In 2008, Mongolian felt artists showcased their first exhibition in Collins Gallery, Scotland. B. Baynduuren is one of the known artists. Mongolians make felt artwork based on natural landscape, historical events, modern art, and religious work. This kind of artwork is used for decorative purpose such as hanging up from the wall, or from the roof. Because it made by hand, it is easy to clean and maintain with only wool shampoo. People can find this art works from souvenir stores in Mongolia.