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Weaving continues to be an important practice on Guam. For thousands of years Chamorros have used Guam’s abundant foliage to produce useful and unique items. Although the art of weaving is not as prevalent on Guam today as it...

Glass Work

It is believed that Hebron became associated with glass several centuries ago, most probably the thirteenth century. According to historical sources in the fourteenth century, there were no less than fourteen factories of glass in Hebron, all located in...
In Myanmar, the traditional arts of gold and silver smithing are known as pandain; they are considered to be one of the country’s ten traditional arts. Precious metalwork is one of the oldest Myanmar crafts, dating back to pre-Bagan...
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New Collections

Kord (knives)

Dari (pottery)

Contemporary ceramics in the Benjarong style, by craftsmen of the Office of Traditional Arts, Ministry of Culture



Hot Stuff Coming

Armory art

Traditional armory art has a special place in Kazakh cultural heritage. Today traditional armory is a status thing, souvenir or interior accessory. The variety...

Handloom textiles

Spinning and weaving is the oldest craft in Sri Lanka. According to legend, it is dated to sixth century BC. It reached the level...

Kundal (polychrome decorative wall painting)

One of the most original types of traditional handicrafts in Tajikistan is kundal, a polychrome decorative wall painting of glue paints with gilded relief...


Enamelling is an art based on painting and decoration of the surface of metal bodies and sometimes ceramic objects covered by a metal-based glaze....

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