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Shirdeg (felt rug)

Mongolian’s civilisation is nomadic, therefore people profit from farm and cattle animals like camel, horse, cow, yak, sheep and goat. Statistic showed Mongolia has fifty six million cattle in 2017. Especially, people use sheep wool in their everyday lives...

Māori weaving

The three main techniques used by Māori weavers are raranga, taaniko and whatu. Using these techniques to weave flora and fauna native to the landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand led to a distinctly Māori weaving style. The ancient Māori...

Hair embroidery

Hair embroidery, an embroidery product produced with hair, is one of special traditional crafts of the Han in the areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Hair is firm and tough with durable colour and luster. As for hair embroidery, thread...
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TshemZo (tailoring)

TshemZo (sewing) includes tshemdrup (the art of embroidery), lhemdrup (the art of appliqué) and tsho lham (the art of traditional boot making). Like all...
Keris Usus.


Keris or Malay dagger is one of renowned weapons among the Malays. Making a superb keris requires great skills that come from years of...

Usta kaam (painting on camel leather)

The Usta community were part of the great migration of artist and craftspeople to the courts of the great Mughals. Later invited to settle...

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