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Zisha (red stoneware)

Zisha (red stoneware) is a kind of ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. It has the porcelain features of compact structure, accessibility, strength, fine granules and conchoidal or stone-like fracture, but it is not partially transparent like the porcelain...

Coloured lantern

Coloured lantern is also known as festival lantern. The skin is made of paper or silk, its frame made up of bamboo or batten, and its central part arranged with a candle or light bulb. Folk artists usually make...


Madraga, shoresh, thaob or khalaga, depend on the area, is the traditional woman’s dress in Jordan. It is black with embroidery down the front that is bright and intricate. Regularly made by women, it is decorated with embroidery designs...
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Wool mizwada (haversack)


Detail of Chiang Mai Tin Chok From Songsak P and Patricia (1990). Lan Na Textiles : Yuan Lue Lao.

Pha Tin Chok

Pha tin chok is a pha sin (tube skirt) that sews together three separate bands, namely the hua (waist band), the tua (central band)...

Puppet (yoke thay)

Myanmar puppet stage is fully developed with drama music, songs and dances. The writer SayaHlaTha Mein wrote in his book, Myanmar Yoke – thayTabin...

Felt art

Mongolians paint on various different objects such as paper, wood, and stone. However, Mongolians also have a traditional technique of painting using wool. In...

Golden silk

During the twentieth century, the Cambodian silk industry went through major phases of growth and decline. Following World War I, silk production reached one...

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