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Basket lacquerware

Basket lacquerware is the product combining both bamboo and lacquer crafts. It first starts with batten body made from bamboo weaving. Then, the artisan coats the surface with layers of raw lacquer, or ki-urushi in Japanese, and putty. Thus,...


Enamelling is an art based on painting and decoration of the surface of metal bodies and sometimes ceramic objects covered by a metal-based glaze. Enamel is a clear glazing and is the product of glass obtained from merging glass...
Plaster painting originated from the lacquer art on ancient Chinese buildings, which was mainly applied on the palace and temples to protect wooden buildings from erosion by the weather. And with the development of history, plaster painting started to...
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Basket lacquerware

classical form of the bird design

Knives of Jezzine

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The sculptor, Master Kongket, is applying wax to the surface of the clay body in order to finish the detail decoration especially the face of the Buddha image.

Casting of ancient Buddha statues

Buddha statues have great significance among Buddhists, representing the Buddha himself as well as his teachings. These statues bear ideal features that are “characteristics...

Dhokra for Metal casting

The excavation of the bronze statuette of the Dancing Girl at the Indus Valley site (2300 – 1750 BCE) is evidence of an ancient...

Pata (cotton handloom weaving in Kotpad, Odisha)

Fragments of woven madder-dyed cotton excavated at the Indus Valley site dating to the third century BCE provide evidence of an advanced knowledge of...

Saima embroidery and tush-kiiz wall hanging

Embroidery was a very popular and widespread type of needlework that was practiced by Kyrgyz women of all ages, from young to old. This...

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