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Yurt is a brilliant architectural design of nomadic culture. Optimal convenience of its structure fully reflects the dynamism of nomadic life and the philosophy of a person living in harmony with nature and recognising itself as its integral part....

Rug weaving

Rugs of Bani Hamida are handwoven Jordanian rugs from a village called Makawir in the district of Madaba, which is located in the central region of Jordan, a town famous for its natural wool. Rugs are also made in...
Kashi refers to a specific style of decorative patterns on glazed vessels and tiles produced in the Muslim world. First influenced by Egyptian and later Chinese ceramics, the craft was developed in Kashan, Iran. The origin of the term...
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Sand Paintings

Felt carpets (ala-kiyiz and shyrdak)

The art of making felt and felt carpets among Kyrgyz people has ancient historical roots dating back to the era of the early nomads,...

Modon Bar (Woodcut printmaking)

Mongolians have been carving on wood, metal, stone and oil cloth from early days historically. From all of these carvings, woodcut printmaking has become...

Suzani embroidery

Traditions of the art of embroidery of the Tajiks are rooted in antiquity. Reliable information about this has been preserved on the ancient frescos...
Bencharong ceramics

Bencharong ceramics

Bencharong ceramics are enamelled terracotta ware originating in China in the mid-fifteenth century during the Ming dynasty. The Chinese tradition employed at least three...

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Contemporary ceramics in the Benjarong style, by craftsmen of the Office of Traditional Arts, Ministry of Culture