Pak Kret pottery

Pak Kret pottery

Low fired, unglazed earthenware, known as Pak Kret pottery has been produced on Ko Kret island, Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi province for over 200...
Picture 3: Traditional tailor Pictures 1 &2: Traditional costumes in cities

al malabes al folkloriah الملابس الفلكلورية (folkloric costume)

Clothing industry is linked to the tailoring and embroidery crafts, which were traditionally famous in Lebanon, and regressed later due to the spread of...

Pacchi kari (marble inlay work of Agra)

Many myths surround the making of the Taj Mahal, including the apocryphal tale of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1592-1666) having the hands of...

Glass Work

Usta kaam (painting on camel leather)

The Usta community were part of the great migration of artist and craftspeople to the courts of the great Mughals. Later invited to settle...

Stone sculpture

Stone carving is relatively a less popular art among contemporary Sri Lankan crafts, although it had been widely practiced and had reached the highest...


Thangka, also spelt as thang-ga or thanka, refers to a religious scroll painting framed with colored silk and displayed on wall for worship. Thangka...


Bamboo Basket

Bamboo basketry

Bamboo basketry is a local craft found across Thailand. Each locality has its own weaving techniques and designs. Most common basketry includes baskets, kra...


Vietnamese sculpture has a long tradition and there remain many valuable works in ancient temples and pagodas. Two main materials used for sculpture are...

Jaipur quilted razai

Both the domestic and professional craft of hand-quilting in India extends across many living genres. This includes the visually detailed kantha and satgaon quilts...
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Bodiless lacquerware

Bush jewellery

Most Popular

Nielloware in Nakhon Si Thammarat

Nielloware had been used since Ayutthaya was the Thai capital, when Portuguese merchants came to make trade in the kingdom. It is believed that...

Gilded Buddha images

al-Safar (coppersmithing)

Hair embroidery

Zilou weaving

Zilou weaving

Latest reviews

Rattan and bamboo weaving

Rattan and bamboo weaving has been the most common crafts in Vietnam as any farmer would know how to weave in order to create...

Hand papermaking in Jaipur

In India the earliest extant texts on paper can be dated to the tenth century, when it is believed that the art of papermaking...

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