Knitted scarf

Country: Mongolia

Mongolians are interested in knitting from early days until today. Especially women like to knit hat, scarf, gloves, sweater, and socks for their husband, children, and friends, family and for themselves. Mongolia has four seasons which are extreme, so these kinds of products have to be made out of wool yarn. Yarn can be spun from camel cashmere, goat cashmere-angora, and sheep wool. In 2008, Maaya angora scarf was registered trade mark in UNESCO.

The specialty of this product is that the long hair from the goat is cut by hand first, which is called angora. Then lukewarm water and special wool shampoo or gel is used to clean the angora. After that, the yarn is prepared with a hand comb; and with that yarn one can knit the scarf.

Depending on the length of the scarf, one has to prepare the yarn beforehand. Two needles are used for knitting the scarf. After knitting the scarf, it is washed with wool shampoo, and stretched on wood. After 24 hours, the scarf is ready for labeling, packaging and use

The specialty of this product is that it is 100 percent hand-made and that raw materials and angora is taken from the goat. It is common to use natural dye such as wood or plant to make different coloured scarves. Shapes can vary such as triangle, linear and square. Young children and people who have allergy should not use this product.

There are fewer people today who knit scarves and similar products, but there are number of people who are interested in handmade knitted products. Because it requires accurate techniques and long labor, people are less inclined to knit scarves. One can find knitted scarves from wool shops in Mongolia.