Country: China

Knotting is a process of weaving and knotting natural and chemical fibre strands as raw materials to form certain textures and patterns, which then are morphed into artworks. Knotted handicrafts are mostly traditional ornaments, such as Chinese knots, accessories, knot buttons, etc. There are more than one hundred knotting techniques. The knotted handicrafts mostly have festive colors. One most famous representative is the Chinese knot, which is knotted with a single thread through and through, with each base knot named according to its shape and the message it conveys.

Matching and mixing different knot ornaments and other ornaments with auspicious patterns together, you will get uniquely-shaped and gorgeously colorful traditional Chinese mascot ornaments with profound messages and rich meanings. Knotting materials include a variety of red threads, including silk, cotton, hemp, nylon and mixed fabric. A variety of colorful threads makes a diversity of knots with different shapes and charming features. Knot patterns include double coin knot, button, Chinese lute (pipa), brocade knot, Half-Windsor knot, good luck knot, Sauvastika knot, endless knot, plafond knot, double connection knot, and bowknot, among others.