Kong khao dok

Country: Thailand
Kong khao dok
Kong khao dok

Kong khao is a bamboo-woven container for steamed sticky rice. Its production base is at Ban Phai, Mueang Mai sub-district, Chae Hom district, Lampang province. There are two types of Ban Phai-Mueang Mai kong khao: kong khao khao, made of tok (thin-bamboo stripes) of natural colour; and kong khao dok, made of tok dyed with ebony mixed with tok of natural colour decorated with motifs only on the outside. The legs of the container are made of teak and rattan. Kong khao dok comes in many shapes, including kong khao kho kew and kong khao kho loeng, and several flora designs.

The special characteristic of Ban Phai-Mueang Mai kong khao dok is its two weaving layers, which allow for great ventilation and humidity control, thus protecting the rice from becoming too wet or dry and preserving its quality for a long period. Kong khao dok with beautiful designs requires great weaving skills and is used on special occasions, such as when welcoming guests and offering food to monks.


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