Sand Paintings

Country: China

To make sand paintings, the first step is to prepare an adhesive template with drawn pattern on it and carve outline for each part of the pattern in advance. Then the painter uses a toothpick to lift each part and then sprinkle sands with the color the painter likes (sands will naturally stick to the adhesive sticker). The process of making a sand painting can be divided into different gradations therefore the painting can be applied with adhesive and colored sands repeatedly.

Another kind of sand painting is made by using fingers to paint on tiny sands sprinkled onto a prepared white or transparent adhesive hard board whose bottom can be illuminated. Due to black and white color formed by fingering of the painter and light from the bottom, this kind of sand painting has its unique significance.

Works of sand art use bright lines and soft colors to express the deep thoughts contained in the artwork in ways of popular beauty with high visual impact, which achieve a perfect combination of unique concept of art and ornamental value.

So far, sand paintings have not formed into an industrial cluster, hence they are mainly created by individual artists. Most of these artists have received higher education.