Sukhothai enamelled goldwork

Country: Thailand
Sukhothai enamelled goldwork
Sukhothai enamelled goldwork

Because of its unique making process and its beautiful braiding that reflects the history and culture of Sukhothai, Sukhothai goldwork is a valuable cultural heritage that has today been studied and revived. The man responsible for the revival of this “ancient goldwork” was Chuea Wongyai.

The making process of ancient Sukhothai goldwork begins with melting gold and pouring the molten gold in a tray for it to solidify. Then, it is beaten into a sheet or strips of different sizes. Techniques vary, from braiding to beading before motifs are applied. Enamel preparations include adding distilled or clean water to the enamel powder to clean it. The enamel is applied on the gold while heat is supplied to melt the enamel and coat the metal.


Photograph: Ban Thong Somsamai and Ban Thong Somsak, Sukhothai