Wooden Buddha statues

Country: Thailand
Wooden Buddha statues
Wooden Buddha statues

Buddha statues are craft products expressing Buddhist faith. They are objects that represent and describe the abstract feelings, ideals and beliefs, in concrete form.

Carving of wooden Buddha statues begins with selecting quality wood without blemishes, measuring the dimensions and using a tool to carve out a rough shape of the Buddha image. Carving details is done with tools of appropriate size and the statue is polished in the final stage. Important woodcarving tools are the saw, hammer, gouge of different sizes and materials for polishing, such as file and sandpaper. Smaller sized Buddha images are used for worshipping at home. Previously Phrae and Nan provinces were the centres of wood carving of Buddha images but at present many wood carvers live in Lamphun.

Photograph: Carver Somph Lasakon of Lamphun