Introduction to West Asia

The current era is one of the most amazing and concurrently risky time in throughout the history that humanity has encountered so far. On the one hand ethics, arts, and aesthetics alongside the human sciences like psychology and sociology have revealed the basic human values; and, thanks to the extensive advancement in the communication which led many places to be connected to each other on our planet. But on the other hand, the lack of sufficient and proper consideration for the nature of ‘culture’ and excessive concentration on technology has jeopardized the position of the human being as an artistic and moral creature.

Undoubtedly, in this stage small businesses/minor industries which categorized under the ‘green businesses’ can strike a balance between human being and technology to create a modern and low risky path to the ethical values. Handicraft is an evident example of these small businesses/minor industries which some of its disciplines are considered as the subcategories of green businesses. These industries can play a key role in sustainable development by focusing on recyclable raw material.

Handicraft in West Asia sub-region, as one of the sixth sub-region of the World Crafts Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR), consists of 12 countries such as Kingdom of Bahrain, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Iraq, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Kuwait, Lebanon Republic, Sultanate of Oman, State of Palestine, State of Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These member states have an enormous variety in their handicraft which have inherited from their geographical and cultural diversity. As a matter of fact, these countries have played and will play a special role in the world regarding the handicraft and traditional arts and now with the help of WCC-APR Online Handicraft Encyclopedia can present their handicraft in throughout the world.

Dr Pooya Mahmoudian
Traditional Arts and Handicrafts Deputy of Ministery of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts (MCTH)