South Pacific

Mosikaka weaving

Omie barkcloth


Melanesian pottery has a long history going back to Lapita pieces uncovered by archaeologists. Shapes, sizes and usages of pottery are diverse and widely dispersed....


Throughout Melanesia, totems and special characters from ancestor stories or legends are materialised for ceremonies and festivals by specially prepared, initiated people wearing masks...



Facial tattoos in Oro Province

One of the most striking cultural traditions in Papua New Guinea’s Oro province are women’s facial tattoos. Among the Maisin people, facial tattoos (ro-bua)...


One of the most popular and noteworthy objects in Papua New Guinea must be the bilum or the looped netbag or stringbag as it...


The primary textile of Solomon Islanders, like that of other Pacific islanders, is barkcloth made from the whitish inner bark of a tree that...
A stone carving of a sea