The development of the encyclopedia is a collaborative effort that is built on mutual consensus. It should be both consistent and representative.

The editorial board reviews the guidelines and progress of the encyclopedia.

The coordinating editor will have the following responsibilities:

To maintain an online collaborative platform for coordinating encyclopedia production
To ensure consistency through implementation of guidelines and commissioning letters to writers
To ensure the comprehensive coverage of crafts according to the guidelines
To maintain a bibliographical database for the Asia Pacific region
To edit encyclopedia entries
To liaise with publishers
Each sub-region will have at least one regional editor, which may be a vice-President or other person deemed to be best suited to this role. In some cases, these sub-regions may have more than one regional editor (e.g., South Asia), depending on the breadth of expertise required. Their responsibilities include:

To nominate country editors
To advise on the specific crafts to be covered
To vet the written entries before they are sent to the coordinating editor
Within each sub-region, there will be country editors. Their responsibilities include:

To provide advice on the key crafts to be covered in the country
To nominate writers for the specific entries related for their assigned country (they can also write entries themselves)
To approve the text and images from the writer in consultation with the Regional Coordinator and Coordinating Editor
The writing process is thus:

The editorial board provides regional editors with word length and budget to cover the entries for countries of their region.
Regional editors seek advice from the country editor about writers who can complete the required entries.
Details of nominated writers are sent to the coordinating editor
The coordinating editor commissions writers
Writers send their entries and images to the country editor.
If approved, the country editor sends each entry to the regional editor.
If approved, the regional editor sends each entry to the coordinating editor
The coordinating editor edits the entry and refers inquiries back to the writer if required (copying in the regional and country editor)