Yan li phao baskets

Country: Thailand
Yan li phao baskets
Yan li phao baskets

Yan li phao baskets are a type of basketry woven with yan li phao, a group of plants in the lygodium (climbing fern) genus (Southern people call a vine “yan” in their vernacular). With a sturdy culm (plant stem), the plant is used to make different containers. The major production base of yan li phao baskets is Ban Mon, Tha Ruea sub-district, Mueang district, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

To weave basketry, yan li phao is split into strips and smoothened. The strips are woven onto a structure made of rattan and bamboo to create different types of baskets or utensils, such as kra choe (a type of basket), chian mak (betel box), tobacco box, phan (tray with pedestal), teapot, bowl, bird cage and handbag. Yan li phao basketry is not only beautiful for its weaving designs, but also for the natural colour of mixed materials. Sometimes, nielloware is also added to add value and beauty to yan li phao basketry.

Yan li phao basketry showcases the skills and industry of weavers, bringing pride for the owners. Today, the basketry has been developed to have even more diverse designs.

Photographs:Sujenjit Thongsephi