Endowed with a fertile land, Thailand was in the past an agricultural society with people making their own farming tools. Basketry was a craft...

Brassware (Malay)

It is believed that the art of casting brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, was introduced from Thailand to Terengganu and Kelantan on...



Gannil (horsehair hat-making)

Musical Instruments


Tanggaonjang (hat making)

Tanggeomjang refers to the craft of making tanggeon, a type of hat to be put...

Kākahu (Māori cloaks)

Despite having a limited range of raw materials and natural dyes, Maori weavers created a...


Melanesian pottery has a long history going back to Lapita pieces uncovered by archaeologists. Shapes, sizes...

WRC Rally Cup

Gold embroidery

The gold embroidery represented  the highest form of urban crafts and had a deep historical...


Weaving for the craftswomen was not an easy job. The best palm tree fronds had...

Wood Craft

During earlier times before modernisation, local hardwoods such as the coconut tree were used to...
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Buddhist Statuary Decoration– the delicate craft combined religion and folk art, masterpiece by the hands of Shih Chih-hui, the winner of the 2014 National Crafts Achievement Award in Taiwan.

Buddhist statuary decoration


Inshu washi (paper)


Stone sculpture


Zisha (red stoneware)

Chundan vallam (the Snake Boats of Kerala)

The coastline of Kerala extends over five hundred and eighty kilometers. An internal network of forty-four rivers and innumerable backwater canals boats have been...

Ceramics (jim zo)

Jim zo or clay sculpture is one of the oldest crafts in Bhutan. The most precious and blessed clay statues made by Trulku Dzing...

Lacquer ware

“Lacquer ware” refers to daily wares, crafts and artworks made by painting lacquer on the surface of all kinds of wares. As the main...
Kain Jongsarat

Kain Tenunan Brunei

The traditional woven textiles, locally known as Kain tenunan Brunei is one of the material cultures which is conspicuously consumed and plays dominant role...


In Vietnam, metal forms are hammered out from copper and iron. In the past, the maker cast a small copper block  which was thinned...


Beaten dishes (kans dakeyan)

Kans Dakeyan, or beaten dishes, are products like dinner sets or singing bowls made by hammering an alloy of copper (80%) and tin (20%)....

Sukhothai enamelled goldwork

Because of its unique making process and its beautiful braiding that reflects the history and culture of Sukhothai, Sukhothai goldwork is a valuable cultural...