Silk traditions appeared in Cambodia in the tenth century. Though Khmer weaving techniques are quite similar to the ones of the neighboring countries, the...

Leather and fur

Processing of leather, tailoring of leather clothes, footwear, hats, accessories, production of leather household items are spread across Kazakhstan. The most common material is...


Craft fan

Leather pyrography



Yeomjang (bamboo blind-making)

Yeomjang refers to the skill of making bal, a traditional blind, and an essential and...

Textiles (Malay)

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with a multicultural population, rich natural resources and a...

Craft fan

Craft fan refers to a fan produced mainly as artwork with a decorative function. Fans...

WRC Rally Cup

Basket lacquerware

Basket lacquerware is the product combining both bamboo and lacquer crafts. It first starts with...

Lacquer ware

“Lacquer ware” refers to daily wares, crafts and artworks made by painting lacquer on the...

Possum Skin Cloaks

Possum skin cloak tradition belongs to Aboriginal cultural groups across south eastern Australia. Through government...
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Rush Weaving

Ethnic Textiles



Bamboo crafts


Bamboo Basket

Bamboo basketry


Tamtam (Slit Drums)

A stone carving of a sea 


Solomon Islanders carve in wood and stone. Popular in tourist markets are copies of sacrificial bowls carved in softwood, stained black with a dye...

Puppet (yoke thay)

Myanmar puppet stage is fully developed with drama music, songs and dances. The writer SayaHlaTha Mein wrote in his book, Myanmar Yoke – thayTabin...

Kilim weaving

Kilim is a kind of wool carpet and cover without pile, which is woven as double-faced and jointed. The raw material is usually sheep...

Bandhini, bandhej, sungadi (tie and dye crafts)

Mural paintings on the rock cut cave monasteries at Ajanta (second to fifth centuries CE) depict figures clothed in speckled textiles. These are evidence...
classical form of the bird design

Knives of Jezzine

This industry was famous in Jezzine area (Lebanon) since 1770, due to the migration of families from Damascus and Aleppo, who came to work...


Whakairo rakau (Māori wood carving)

Whakairo (Māori wood carving) was brought over by Pacific ancestors when they migrated to New Zealand c900CE. Over the centuries, it evolved from geometric...

Chitarkari (stone engraving)

In the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, the Gangar mountain range is composed largely of schist stone—metamorphic rock with large, flat, sheet- like...