Tha zo (weaving)

Tha zo or weaving in Bhutan is one of the first arts to be mentioned in the early Bhutanese literature. It is widely spread...

Wood Craft

Nabataea’s pottery style, photo: Adeeb Atwan



Khairi (leather shoe making)


Bush jewellery

In Australia there are Aboriginal individuals who use techniques new and old to produce items...

Golden silk

During the twentieth century, the Cambodian silk industry went through major phases of growth and...


Silk traditions appeared in Cambodia in the tenth century. Though Khmer weaving techniques are quite...

WRC Rally Cup

Sarkanda (grass furniture of Haryana)

The knowledge of plant fibres and its processing into bridges or containers or mats or...
Soap liquid spread in wooden frames and cut into cubes to get dry

Olive oil soap

Olive oil soap production is based in Nablus. The first recorded date of the craft...


Crafting specialised surfboards for wave-riding is a Hawaiian practice dating to around 800AD. In Australia,...
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Glass Work

Mogah (Sabah)


Chamorro jewellery




classical form of the bird design

Knives of Jezzine

This industry was famous in Jezzine area (Lebanon) since 1770, due to the migration of families from Damascus and Aleppo, who came to work...


Stone carving is particularly emblematic of Cambodia owing to its important use at the Angkor site, where numerous imposing bas-reliefs were sculpted on the...

Mitti ka kaam (unglazed terracotta)

Mitti ka kaam literally translates as “clay work” and its practitioners are commonly referred to as kumhar in Pakistan. It basically constitutes production of...

Inshu washi (paper)

The fact that the imperial court was supplied with paper from the province of Inaba (Inshu) is noted in the Engishiki, the Heian period...

Damascus mother of pearl inlay

Damascus mother of pearl inlay is a style of craft that can be applied to any form of furniture, wall and ceiling panel or...


Guitar making

Guitar making is a form of lutherie (from the French luth, or lute) – the craft of building stringed musical instruments that also encompasses...

Hirfat al saboun حرفة الصابون (soap making)

Olive cultivation was spread in Lebanese towns and villages, and olive oil soap industry prospered in cities and some villages. However, its production was...