Māori Basketry

Pre-European Aotearoa/New Zealand, a time when Māori baskets were prolific, used as containers for food storage, gathering shellfish, fern roots, ceremonial rituals, medicinal plants...

Traditional musical instruments

Tajik folk music is rich and diverse, and like a mirror, reflects the life of the nation, its emotions and character, everyday life and...


Mogah (Sabah)

Tanggaonjang (hat making)



Jaipur quilted razai

Both the domestic and professional craft of hand-quilting in India extends across many living genres....

Cultivating and refining agate stones (alaiqiq alyamani)

Yemeni agate has been produced for more than two thousand years. It is considered a...

Felt rug

Due to environment and traditional conditions of life of the Turkmen, keche felt rugs were...

WRC Rally Cup

khit mixed with chok

Pha Phrae Wa (khit mixed with chok)

Pha phrae wa (khit mixed with chok) is a shoulder scarf that Phu Tai people...


The distinctive Mashiko style of pottery developed sometime about the middle of the nineteenth century, having...

Lacquer ware

“Lacquer ware” refers to daily wares, crafts and artworks made by painting lacquer on the...
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Shadow puppet

Sail the Ocean-Optimized

Rush Weaving




Mother of Pearl


At shayi (horse decorations)

Turkmens are natural born horse riders. Passion for horses is instilled from childhood. Akhal-Teke were bred by Turkmens more than 5000 years ago in...

Lotus weaving

Lotus weaving was conceived nearly a century ago when a woman named Daw Sa U picked a lotus flower from Inle Lake to offer...

Textiles (Sabah)

The form, production and use of textiles in Sabah have been largely shaped by the state’s natural environment, geographical location on the apex of...

Southern daggers (janbyah)

The janbyah is a curved double-edged dagger with a spine along the length of the blade. It can be found in Yemen and Saudi...
Mat mi

Mat mi

Mat mi (sometimes spelt mad mee) is a fabric made with a tie-dyeing process before weaving to create a design. The technique has long...


Aghash Oyu (wood carving)

Wood carving is widespread in Kazakhstan as a traditional craft. The yurt’s frame is entirely made of wood, including the shanyrakh (cylindrical top part),...

Edo Karakami (paper work)

The word “karakami” originally referred to a type of craft paper that originated in the Tang Dynasty of ancient China. The Japanese origin of...